F.lli Bucciol company develops moulds, equipment, models and gauges for investment casting. The design and production of these products require a deep knowledge of the casting process, the precision mechanics and the behaviour of the materials used by clients to produce wax, ceramic and soluble wax models.

We manufacture

Every single one of our products comes from a specific request form our clients and is designed from start to finish by our specialised technicians.

Our products represent the crucial first step to produce steel castings, aluminium castings, super alloys castings and titanium castings which will then be assembled onto applications that are very influential in the daily lives of millions of people.

Aircraft engines, vehicles and motor vehicles, plants to generate energy, machines for removing tyres, machines for textiles products, these are only some of the applications the products created from our casting have.

This great responsibility represents the customers’ trust in our expertise, to which we have to respond professionally and confidentially.

  • Wax injection moulds
  • Injection moulds for ceramic cores
  • Soluble wax injection moulds
  • Equipments
  • Reformers
  • Control gauges